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Aug 4, 2012 by

It’s that time again already, the three week before tour point. As always it’s come round too quickly, but dwelling on it won’t make it go away so it’s time to start getting prepared.
There’s all the practical stuff- remind me how to check the car’s levels, show me where the fuse box is, all the stuff I really should know, but always need to be told again. Then there’s also the planning for us, the poor little left-behinds and how to make it easier for us to cope.

If you haven’t already, always make a list of goals you want to achieve through tour. These will keep you focused, and give you something to do when all you want to do is hide under the duvet. The amount of goals you set is up to you: be realistic, but have fun with them. Here’s some of my top tip when making your tour goals:

Losing weight and meeting up with friends more are standard but still put them on. Sometimes you can feel like you are completely alone, so meet up with friends and try take your mind off it for a little while. Lean on them, ask for help when you need it, and let them support you. Cutting yourself off from your friends will make the time drag and you won’t be doing yourself any favours. Spending time with friends or meeting new friends needs to be on the list!

Take up a hobby or learn a new skill. It will give you something to do, distract you and you’ll feel a sense of achievement at the end of it. OH’s first tour I took up knitting, because it was something I had never done and I wanted to try it. 3 months later I presented my OH with a very wonky scarf. I haven’t knitted since, but have brought some wool ready for this tour to make my sister a wonky pink scarf. I’m sure she’ll love it.

Find a new job/ do better at your current job. Working keeps you busy, and starting a new job helps you meet new people. Getting a full-time job halfway through the last tour made time go so much faster, gave me something to get up for Monday to Friday, and kept me busy. This tour I’m just planning on throwing myself into my job, embracing all the new changes that are happening, and being on top of my game.

Volunteer/ fundraise for charity. With more spare time on your hands, why not volunteer a few hours a week. Working in a charity shop, helping charities run stalls at local events, find something which suits your interests and give a charity something very valuable- your time. Or if you fancy something different, why not run a marathon, do a skydive, abseil down a tall building, the sky’s the limit!

No matter what you decide to have as tour goals, remember the aim is to keep you busy, give you something to focus on, and most of all have fun!

By Kelly Ward

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