50 shade of Grey… what’s all the fuss about?

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50 shade of Grey… what’s all the fuss about?

It’s the book that has become the latest must have. Everyone seems to be reading it, everywhere you look people are holding a copy. So what is all the fuss about?

50 shades of Grey is the first instalment in E L James’ trilogy, exploring the relationship between innocent virgin Anastasia Steele and dominant billionaire Christian Grey. Fifty shades of Grey was first released as an e-book in May 2011 on a print to order basis and just over a year later has become THE book of the summer. So what about this book has made it so popular?

The book involves Christian Grey’s interest in BDSM, including his “red room of pain” where his sexual encounters are intended to take place. The book has been described as “mummy porn” by the media due to its sexually explicit nature, whilst making a book so well known to be female erotica to be read in public without shame. The book also looks at the dom-sub relationships, asking whether a modern day woman would give up her freedom and certain rights, to sign a contract to a controlling man. Christian wants to control what and when she eats, exercises, wears, and to have her attend his every need. Is there a woman on Earth who would consider this not so appealing offer?

50 shades of Grey may not be the best written book. There may be more erotic novels out there, more interesting novels, but something about this book is getting people hooked. For me, it’s a chick lit. Yes there are many sex scenes; it’s about a man wanting to control a woman, and about a woman hoping to change a man. It’s predictable yet addictive, so take some me time and let your imagination run wild.

As there have been so many different responses to this book, I have asked some of the other wags to give me their input. Here are some of their reviews:

Ali Dight:
Found it took a while to get going and the scene setting was very drawn out but once it did get going i couldn’t put it down, it was very addictive. In places it is slightly badly written and repetitive. Loved the story and the characters – Ana being young and naive, Mr Grey older and wiser. In a way he’s very much like her teacher. It wasn’t too far fetched so you could relate to it happening in real life.

Overall I loved it and my housework was very neglected so I could read on!!

Fifty Shades of Grey was completely addictive. The delectable Christian is a bit like a modern day Heathcliff, and made me want to keep reading just so I could find out a bit more about him.

Technically the book isn’t written very well and can be very repetitive (relying on heavy sex scenes to keep the reader interested), but the underlying developing love story tugs on the heart strings and I began to hope that Christian would be able to relax and love Ana.

FSOG is worth reading once, but I doubt it will be one that I come back to over and over again. You can tell that E L James was inspired by twilight, and I suspect that her success is largely owed to right time right place rather than her actual talent.

Nonetheless though I did love FSOG, fell in love with Christian Grey, and it has given me some spicier ideas for the bedroom 🙂

By Kelly Ward

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