As you’re probably aware, nothing is free these days in fact prices just seem to keep rising, and that includes for websites.

The cost of a website can be broken down as follows:

  • The cost of the domain name annual fee –
  • The cost of the website – Built and maintained by hubby at
  • The cost of any special software like the forums
  • The cost of the hosting – this is the monthly fee that the hosting company charges to store the website files on the web server connected to the internet.

Currently, all the above costs are covered by us (this us) and while we’re happy to continue to cover the costs it is becoming more and more expensive.  We are well aware that many of you don’t have the funds to make a donation and our original intention was never to ask for any kind of payment, just to offer the site free to those people who need it.

We will continue to keep the site free to members and users and to help cover the costs we have added several forms of advertising.  The ads you see on the site.

So far we have not charged for advertising directly, we rely on commission earned when one of our members clicks on an ad and buys something from that company.  This commission is very, very small though so we have now started to accept adverts from companies (you know who you are) we feel are suitable and will offer our members and users something useful, helpful or valuable to them in life attached to the forces.  We just ask that if our members or users do buy from your company, please make a donation to help maintain the site.  This way we will all benefit.

Even if you are not a company, you are welcome to make a donation.  Please be assured that the smallest donation will help towards the costs and that all donations do go towards the cost of maintaining the site and forums.

To make a donation simply click the button below and follow the instructions.