home-startAll of us have days when we feel that life is getting us down and that we can’t carry on coping with the kids alone for much longer. I think if any of us claimed anything different we would be lying. Feeling this way does not mean you are failing as a parent – usually it just means you need a rest and a few hours of ‘me’ time. Basically YOU NEED a break!!

This is where if you haven’t got close friends or family near-by Home-Start can help you. They can help you get the break that you need and also reassure you that you are not alone in feeling like this. It could be that you are trying to hold your family together whilst dealing with being pregnant again, or ill, or perhaps there has been a death in the family and it has hit you all hard. Whatever you are trying to deal with as a family Home-Start can help. Do you have a child who has a disability and feel that you need some support and advice? Wouldn’t it be nice to perhaps meet some other parents who are in the same boat?

Home-Start’s informal and friendly support for families with young children provides a lifeline to thousands of parents and children in over 337 communities across the UK and with forces families in Germany and Cyprus. Their support is free, confidential and non-judgemental

Please find below details of Regional Offices in and around the UK. If you would like to find your nearest Home-Start then please ring these numbers and they will be able to help you.

Home-Start UK in Scotland
Address: Unit 6 Forrester Lodge
FK10 2HU (map)

01259 729819
Fax: 01259 722765

Home-Start UK in Northern Ireland
Address: 133 Bloomfield Avenue

02890 460 772
Fax: 02890 460 772

Email: northernirelandoffice@home-start.org.uk

Home-Start UK in Wales
Address: Baltic House
Mount Stuart Square
CF10 5FH (map)

02920 491 181
Fax: 02920 491 182

Email: walesoffice@home-start.org.uk

Click here to find details of Homestart’s local Offices in and around Germany and Cyprus.