Everyone at some point in their service career will come into contact with SSAFA. Many people are unaware of the importance of SSAFA and just how much they are a part of Military life. Many people think that SSAFA are only involved in social work but their role is so much more than that. Their services are in many ways an important integral part of service life.

SSAFA provide Midwives, Health Visitors, Nurses and many other important Health Care workers. They employ staff in Germany, Cyprus, Brunei, Naples, Lisbon and Gibraltar to name but a few countries (basically in most, if not nearly all, countries that have serving personnel from the British Forces).

They also have Social Workers whose aim is to help families with problems and issues that sometimes need professional intervention. They can help if you are disabled and need advice and/or help with advice on benefits that you may be entitled to, along with help and advice should you be experiencing difficulties within your marriage or home life.

Are you considering adoption and not sure where to go or who to turn to then SSAFA is your answer. They offer support and advice throughout the whole process and also give continued support after adoption.

SSAFA also runs a confidential support line, Forcesline, which is there to help give you support when you feel things are getting on top of you.

The line is open from 10:30 – 19:30 (UK local time) Monday to Friday. Free phone lines operate from Germany, Cyprus and the UK:

  • From the UK (Main Line): 0800 731 4880
  • From Germany: 0800 1827 395
  • From Cyprus: 800 91065
  • From the Falkland Islands # 6111
  • From anywhere in the world (Call-back) +44 (0)1980 630854
  • From Operational Theatres, to enable access through Paradigm’s ‘phone system, dial the appropriate access number then enter *201 at the PIN prompt.

Unfortunately divorce does happen and when you are faced with the prospect of perhaps having to return to the UK from abroad it can be a very daunting thought. SSAFA can provide housing to give you time and support whilst you find your feet and can offer you assistance in many ways once you are there. They can help you deal with the process of separation and divorce and also help you work through the feelings and emotions that can come with this experience.

All SSAFA’s help and assistance is dealt with on a strictly confidential basis and if they are unable to help you with your issue they are only too happy to assist you in finding the person or body who can. If things are getting you down then please let SSAFA help you to find the way forward. The hardest part can sometimes be walking into a room or picking up the phone to ask for help but once you have managed to overcome this hurdle then you can get the friendly and professional help and advice you need.